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Cosmic Girls return with carnival-inspired album

Cosmic Girls, also known as WJSN, unveiled their sixth mini-album titled "WJ STAY?" and its single "La La Love" on Tuesday. This comes four months after the release of their trophy-winning single "Save Me, Save You."

The originally 13-member girl group once again returned as 10 members, without three Chinese members Mei Qi, Xuan Yi and Cheng Xiao.

"Our Chinese bandmates won't be promoting this album with us due to scheduling conflicts, but they participated in recording the fourth track Memories," member Eunseo told reporters during a press showcase for promoting their new album.

The new album contains seven songs: retro-leaning pop song "La La Love," new wave number "You Got," pop ballad with rich piano chords "Star," medium-tempo dance song "Memories," classical love piece "Cantabile," Cinderella-inspired "12 O'Clock" and atmospheric R&B track "UJUNG" dedicated to their fans.

"The title track La La Love is a carnival-inspired song, exploring the theme of complexity of love," member Seola said. "Apart from solidifying our image as dreamy, mystic idols, we would like to focus on colorful visuals and powerful choreography."

Member Dayoung said she fell in love with "La La Love" as soon as she heard it, saying the song was so catchy.

Group leader Exy explained that the music video, like the song, sees members in a colorful, carnival-inspired setting. It showcases their celebration after graduating from a "School of Wizardry."

With their previous album, the band adopted such a concept where the 13 girls formed into sub-units and sang about hope in times of uncertainty.

Exy took a major role in the songwriting, and member Dawon is also credited with writing lyrics on "UJUNG."

"It was super fun to participate in the songwriting process. I would love to write ballads in the future," Dawon noted.

Along with their musical activities, WJSN said they want to hold a solo concert and attain the Triple Crown on major music programs with their latest record.

"We hope our latest single La La Love earn us our first triple crown," Yeonjung said. "Personally, I want to sing for more soundtracks for drama series and movies."

Group leader Exy expressed her desire to hold a solo concert and meet their global fans by performing abroad. "Hopefully, we will have more chances to meet our international fans this year," she said.

source: The Korea Times
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