2:49 pm - 01/09/2019

CEO of The Eastlight's agency gets indicted for child abuse

On January 8, Media Line Entertainment’s CEO Kim Chang Hwan was indicted without detention for charges of child abuse and aiding in abuse in accordance to the Child Welfare Act. Recently, producer Moon Young Il was indicted with detention for charges of abuse against former The East Light members Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun.

The controversy surrounding the abuse of the siblings Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun began in October last year. At the time, Lee Seok Cheol reported that he had been assaulted multiple times by producer Moon Young Il and that CEO Kim Chang Hwan had allowed these actions to happen.

However, Kim Chang Hwan denied these allegations. He held a press conference on December 26 with former The East Light members Lee Eun Sung and Jung Sa Gang in which he refuted the allegations of abuse. Following the press conference, Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Sung Hyun refuted the denials during their visit to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The court will make a judgement regarding the sharply divided parties.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
dongsaengkiller 9th-Jan-2019 02:08 pm (UTC)
Good! Now convict him and bury him under the jail
modestgoddess79 9th-Jan-2019 02:37 pm (UTC)
I really hope they get convicted and serve jail time
wafflesnmilk 9th-Jan-2019 02:46 pm (UTC)
Man the situation is such a mess still, a few days back Eunsung and Sagang were still out there peddling tel_factcheck on instagram. It’s so depressing because regardless of which side is ‘right’, the truth remains that someone hit the kids and is trying to twist the truth to their advantage
goldenrosalie 9th-Jan-2019 03:09 pm (UTC)
"the sharply divided parties" well that's a funny way to say that some people think that violence and torture of children is okay thing to do. but hey ~it wasn't so bad!~ and ~they are used to beating at home so it's 'kay~!
i really hope all of culprits rot in jail (i can dream) because this whole "but they stole musical equipment! dad beats them too!" doesn't serve anything but deflection. this was actual torture ffs, adults have to face consequences of their honestly terrifying actions.
daynr 9th-Jan-2019 08:09 pm (UTC)
I hope the prosecutors want and do nail them. Even if you didn't condone it, you were negligent for allowing it to happen. Protect children, people.
infj23 9th-Jan-2019 10:12 pm (UTC)
Let's do this!
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