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Minwoo's injuries are much more serious

Following up from the article posted yesterday:

We reported earlier today about Lee Minwoo getting into a car accident. New reports have now surfaced and imply that his injuries are pretty serious, including injuries to the neck, spinal cord and a concussion.

An official said, "Lee Minwoo is currently at the hospital receiving treatment and doctors have advised that he would need more than a month of recovery.

With regards to his upcoming concerts on the 16th and 17th at the Ewha Womans University, it will be difficult to proceed with it. We will be offering refunds and more details will be made available soon via the ticketing website."

We wish him all the best in a speedy recovery.


8| Screw you 2009/10. Mess with my 신화 and I'll ... CRY OR SOMETHING EQUALLY AS THREATENING. YEAH. YOU HEARD ME.

I'm hoping for some more info to come out about it soon. I mean, at first it sounded like not too much, but now it's sounding pretty serious. Maybe M Rising will release a statement soon that outlines things a lot better. ;_; (for now we just have Dongwan calling him superman ♥)

tbh my second thought when I heard about this (after "omfg what?") was "SEE?! I knew you should have gone to the army already and stopped delaying it. NOW LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO YOU." Oh Minu. Be well ;;
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