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Half-Korean girl struggles to find her own identity

As this case just showed to us racism still runs completely wild in Korea. And apparently even among kids:

Eom Wu-jeong shrugs off barbs from classmates, secretly wants cell phone

GIMCHEON, North Gyeongsang - Eom Wu-jeong, 11, was born and raised by her Korean father and Filipino mother.

Wu-jeong has black hair and dark skin, slightly different from other Korean kids, but she’s just like any preteen girl who gets excited over idol stars and the latest cell phones.

Wu-jeong lives in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang, with her parents and three siblings. Her family lives in a semi-basement house that measures 33 square meters, and her parents pay 250,000 won ($214) a month in rent after a 1 million won deposit.

Though the size of the house seems to be a bit small for a family of six, the house is full of joy and happiness.

During a recent visit, Wu-jeong’s mother was busy looking after her 18-month-old baby sister, and Wu-jeong’s father had his eyes glued to a TV. The girl’s two brothers, Jeong-dae and Jeong-won, were busy playing a computer game.

Marriage migrants boomed in Korea in the late 1990s. Wu-jeong’s parents married in 1996, and her mother is considered an early marriage migrant to Korea. Wu-jeong, the couple’s first child, was born two years later.

She’s the only multiethnic student among 30 students in her class. When Wu-jeong was in second grade, her classmates teased her about her skin color.

“‘Why is your skin so dark? Where is your mom from?’ That’s what they asked me,” Wu-jeong recalled. “I know that they were asking me not because they were really curious. They just wanted to tease me.”

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Source: JoongAng Daily
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