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KPop's best female voices... orly?

Recently Korean netizens have voted in a poll which ranks girl group members according to how much their voices appeal to them how good their vocals are. The top 20 were chosen within 3 days from approximately 67 candidates. Here's the list:

1. TaeYeon [SNSD]
2. Bom [2NE1]
3. JeA [Brown Eyed Girls]
4. Raina [After School]
5. Jessica [SNSD]
6. Hyunah [4minute]
7. Nicole [Kara]
8. Krystal [f(x)]
9. EunJung [T-ara]
10. HaeRi [Davichi]
11. Tiffany [SNSD]
12. Narsha [Brown Eyed Girls]
13. Sunny [SNSD]
14. Dara [2NE1]
15. GyuRi [Kara]
16. GaYoon [4minute]
17. SoYeon [T-ara] & SeoHyun [SNSD]
18. Luna [f(x)]
19. JiEun [Secret]
20. HyunYoung [Rainbow]

Source: forums & YGLadies (sorry mods! I can't see the original post on so I can't check where the article originally came from...)

Soooo... Do you agree, or not really? XD Well, I sure don't 8D
Tags: 2ne1, 4minute, after school, brown eyed girls, davichi, f(x), girls generation, kara, t-ara
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