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Casting News roundup: Ahn HyoSeop, Park BoYoung, Byun YoHan, Ha JiWon, Yoon KyeSang, Namgoong Min...

Ahn Hyo Seop may be joining Park Bo Young in her upcoming drama “Abyss” (working title)! On January 11, StarHaus Entertainment responded to reports that the actor would be starring in the new tvN drama by clarifying, “He has received a casting offer, and he is currently in the midst of reviewing that offer.”

“Abyss” will tell the story of a beautiful female prosecutor and a considerably less attractive man who find their worlds turned upside down when they are mysteriously reincarnated as entirely different people. Park Bo Young previously confirmed in August 2018 that she would be starring as the tough but lovable female prosecutor, who will attempt to uncover the secret behind her reincarnation and will end up unexpectedly finding love in the process.

Ahn Hyo Seop has been offered the role of Cha Min, who finds himself working as the administrator of a law firm after his sudden reincarnation. The actor most recently appeared in the hit SBS drama “30 but 17,” where he stole hearts in his role as an innocent high school student in love with an older woman (played by Shin Hye Sun).

ecently, movie industry insiders have been reporting that actor Byun Yo Han has been cast in director Lee Joon Ik’s new film.

Seol Kyung Gu has also been cast in the film, which tells the story of Jeong Yak-jeon, the older brother of the famous Joseon scholar Jeong Yakyong. After being involved in the Catholic Persecution of 1801 and exiled to Heuksando Island, he meets a young and passionate fisherman. The two of them work together to analyze the fish around the island and create an illustrated atlas of fish for the Joseon era.

Seol Kyung Gu will play the role of Jeong Yak-jeon, while Byun Yo Han is rumored to have been cast as the young fisherman. The casting news is garnering attention due to Byun Yo Han’s recent role in the hit tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine.”

On January 9, a source from Byun Yo Han’s agency, Saram Entertainment, stated to Star News that the actor was positively reviewing the casting offer from the movie.

The movie is currently in the middle of finalizing its lead and supporting cast and will begin filming in July.

On January 11, Ha Ji Won’s agency Haewadal Entertainment revealed that the JTBC drama “Chocolate” was one of the dramas that [Ha Ji Won] was in talks for. According to her agency, Ha Ji Won “is positively considering taking on a role in ‘Chocolate.'”

According to reports, “Chocolate” is about a chef, who comes from the world of international cooking competitions in Italy, and a neurosurgeon who comfort each other while providing food for hospices. The drama will be a collaborative work by writer Lee Kyung Hee, who is known for her beautiful and warm stories, and producing-director Lee Hyung Min, who previously worked with Lee Kyung Hee for the drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You.” JYP Pictures, which was launched last year, is in charge of the production for the drama.

Ha Ji Won was offered the role of the chef, while Yoon Kye Sang is reportedly in talks for the role of the neurosurgeon.

If she accepts this role, this will be Ha Ji Won’s return to the small-screen after two years since her appearance in MBC’s “Hospital Ship.”

“Chocolate” is slated to air on JTBC during the first half of the year.

On January 11, Namgoong Min’s agency, 935 Entertainment, stated, “Namgoong Min will star in KBS2’s upcoming drama ‘Doctor Prisoner.'”

“Doctor Prisoner” is a medical suspense drama that tells the story of a genius doctor at a big hospital who has been kicked out and starts a new job as a prison’s new medical director.

Namgoong Min will play the role of Nah Yi Jae, a doctor with exceptional skills and a kind heart who prioritizes his patients above everything else. After getting involved in an unfortunate incident, he ends up leaving his job at the hospital and lives his new life working at a prison medical department.

The actor, who has previously both provided laughs and touched audience’s hearts with his realistic and humorous acting, hopes to do the same with the upcoming drama.

The drama will be directed by Hwang In Hyuk, who recently worked on “Laurel Tree Tailors” and “Assembly.” It is currently scheduled to premiere in March 2019.

“Mr. Sunshine” star Kim Tae Ri is in talks to join Song Joong Ki in the film “Lightning Ship” (literal title).

A source from Kim Tae Ri’s agency revealed on January 11 that the actress is currently in the final stages of review prior to making her final decision.

“Lightning Ship,” a science fiction film set against the backdrop of the universe, will be led by director Jo Sung Hee of “A Werewolf Boy” and “Phantom Detective.” With an early confirmation by Song Joong Ki, the film has already garnered significant interest.

“Lightning Ship” is slated to begin filming this summer.

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