5:43 pm - 01/13/2019

Choreo studio posts original choreography of various dances they've worked on like Twice's TT

Oh My Girl - Remember Me

Oh My Girl - Secret Garden

CLC - Black Dress

Apink - A L R I G H T

Apink - %% (Eung Eung)

Monsta X - Trespass

source: Official FreeMind

They are also the studio that got attention for IZ*ONE's 'La Vie en Rose' choreo. Check out their channel for a lot more choreos! It's cool to see for how many different groups they've worked.
love_keiko 13th-Jan-2019 06:51 pm (UTC)
damn their choreo for apink's new song is much more dynamic than what ended up on stage.

or maybe they're just hitting the moves harder, idk.

either way, most of their work is great
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