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Kyuhyun and UEE fail in math

On the January 2nd edition of Star King, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and After School's UEE participated in a math challenge against math whizzes from Korea, Japan, and China. The challenge was that within 4.5 seconds, 12 numbers would appear on the screen and you add up the total sum of the numbers displayed.

While the whiz kids added it up pretty quickly, both Kyuhyun and UEE found it very difficult. In fact, Kyuhyun tries to cheat and peek at one of the kids answers.

The answer was 6,706 and Kyuhyun came close by answering 6,705 while UEE basically gave up. Check out the math segment below and thanks to Kacey for the tip.

Kyuhyun taking a sneak peek occurs at 0:10

cr: dkpopnews11

source: akp

omg I would've pulled a UEE and given up too XD it's okay kyuhyun, you were close. ps: sorry mods!

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