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Christine Park (Ex-Blady Member Tina) Talks About How Idols Deal with Periods

-Many take advil/painkillers to deal with cramps during dance practice/promotions
-Members are understanding if someone takes it easy during dance practice, but most dance teachers are unsympathetic and think of it as an excuse
-If you have to wear white pants, stylists will let you change the bottom if you tell them ahead of time because most stylists are also women, so they understand. But if it's an outfit that's already set to go on a music show, then you can't change it and members will help you keep an eye out for any leaks
-Uncomfortable to talk about it with male staff members
-Companies don't force idols to use pills e.g. birth control, it's the decision of the individual
-Some girls experience amenorrhea due to stress, severe dieting, work conditions, etc. Some girls go to the doctor and some just try to wait it out on their own. One of her members didn't get her period for 6 months
-Christine experienced more severe symptoms as an idol in comparison to when she wasn't an idol, probably due to stress
-most Koreans use pads, menstrual cups and tampons are uncommon. It's uncomfortable for moving around/dancing but idols adjust to it

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Tags: ex-group members, health

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