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Microdot Reportedly Wants to Settle Debt With Victims


According to OSEN News, Microdot allegedly contacted some of the victims swindled by his parents individually with the help of close relatives.

In these conversations, the rapper’s relatives speaking to the victims had said that his parents are willing to agree on a settlement outside of court. Reportedly, the motivation for these settlements comes partially from Microdot and his brother Sanchez’s desire to begin working in Korea again.

However, the victims for their part, allegedly strongly refused to their proposal.

In particular, the victims are angry that Microdot and Sanchez intend to resume their entertainment activities, apparently planning to forgo making sincere apologies or properly compensation them. Reportedly, the rapper proposed only to pay back a portion of the amount this parent borrowed during the IMF Crisis some 20 years ago.

Currently, the situation that started with Microdot’s parents has boiled over to affect the whole family. As a result, both Microdot and Sanchez have ceased any entertainment activities in Korea and have kept a low profile. So low in fact, that people don’t know if they are in New Zealand with their parents or still in Seoul.

After admitting that the allegations against his parents held some truth, Microdot stepped down from shows, brand deals, and mostly kept away from social media. Moreover, his agency has also kept quiet about the situation and his current status. However, for many, being silent does not translate into an apology.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily
Tags: court / legal issues

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