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[video] SJM cooking with Patty Hou + Translations

The second episode of SJM's awesome 2 parter with Patty Hou has been upped to youtube! ♥ Everybody should watch because it is truly the boys at their best and most ridiculous =D

Hannie, Henry & Donghae cooked dumplings, and Zhoumi, Kyu, Shiwon and Ryeowook made a Korean dish (I forgot the name of ^^)

General overview (from my totally biased POV): Hannie and Ryeowook are awesome cooks; BBQ and Fishie are totally ADD; Henry makes a giant dumpling baby w/ Hae; Zhoumi and Q are married; everyone makes fun of Shiwon's xiao long bao love; and Patty pretty much fails at the Sorry Sorry dance.

(These are kinda rough/general translations but I tried to put in as much information and things they actually said as possible - done in 20 minutes. apologizes in advance for my loose grammar)

Part 1:
The cutest, most handsome SJM cooking for them!
Hangeng says the holidays are coming and no holiday is complete without dumplings! And they're also making it because it's Patty's birthday. Patty asks if Hangeng knows how to make dumplings and Hangeng vehemently says he does. Patty laughs at him for that and they talk about how Hangeng's mom owns a dumpling shop. The others are talking loudly in the background and Patty says they'll have their turn but it's Hannie's turn right now. And Patty goes "don’t get mad Hangeng! Don't get mad!" because of the previous joke and because Donghae actually thought Hangeng was angry. Hangeng says there is meat, corn, mushrooms, green onion and ginger in the dumplings as well as different dressings.

Patty moves on to the other team and comments on their outward appearance, all the boys back up and Ryeowook takes center stage - because Ryeowook is "teacher." Zhoumi says, "Ryeowook is the master cook in both SJM and SJ". Siwon says if you love Ryeowook's cooking, you will surely love Ryeowook. They describe how they're making ddokboki and Patty says it's her favorite. Patty asks what’s the most important part of making ddokboki and Ryeowook says gochujang (red pepper spice) - and using your heart to make the dish.

Patty says she thinks Hangeng and his boys are soon going to run into trouble with their chopping. Hangeng says it's important to have a little water in it to have a certain taste and the mushrooms Donghae is failing at chopping produce juice/water when they’re cooked, so the dumplings aren’t too dry. Patty says like xiao long bao. Patty asks about the other toppings and Hangeng says you can add them last for just a little dressing - not into the dumplings themselves.

Patty asks what Zhoumi is doing, he says he's helping, Patty asks if he's supposed to be and Zhoumi promises he got Ryeowook's permission first. Kyuhyun is standing in the back and Patty asks why. Kyu says he's "supervising" the proceedings. Zhoumi says Ryeowook is in charge and the teacher and they just help out when they're supposed to with little things but he takes charge of doing most the work. They talk about how Ryeowook asks them what they want to eat and home and then make sit. Patty says Ryeowook "hen guai" which literally means very good (like a good person) - he can cook, he can dance, sing, be adorable. Patty tells him to chop while singing Super Girl and Ryeowook does it. Hangeng proves that he can do it too. Patty says Donghae belongs to Hangeng's team because he wanders off. Patty says it has a "sesame oil (thank you hell0kittyangel) scent to it and Hangeng points out what he used. Hangeng says part of his cooking comes from his mother's teachings. At home Hangeng cooks Chinese food and Ryeowook cooks Korean food (but Hangeng doesn’t really cook since Ryeowook is around to feed all of them). Patty asks if Hangeng if he gets to see his mom more frequently now that they’re promoting in China. He says it’s hard to see her because they’re so busy but sometimes they get to eat dinner with her. Patty asks about the most important part of making dumplings and Hangeng says it's making sure it's done tightly so they don’t fall apart in the water.

Donghae gets bored and wanders off but Patty pulls him back in.

Part 2:

Patty says Hangeng really knows how to cook, and he's good at picking the right portions for the dumpling. She asks if he makes his own dumpling skin - he says no but that his mom does.

Kyu wanders off and becomes the cameraman. Shiwon introduces himself (cameraman hello) as Ryeowook's assistant, Ryeowook introduces himself, and Zhoumi introduces himself as the person next to Kyuhyun (CUE: QMi fangirling). (Note: The way Chinese grammar works, it sounds like he’s saying, “I’m Kyuhyun…” as he pauses significantly before continuing; translates to “I’m the Zhou Mi beside Kyuhyun!”)

Somebody asks what they're doing right now, and Zhoumi says the stew is almost ready because the steam is coming up. Ryeowook asks if they want to eat it and Kyu says yes and Shiwon asks the same question. Kyu goes over to the other side and and asks if Donghae likes the dumplings and Donghae says he hasn't eaten them yet. Henry is ridiculously adorable (OH MY BIASES) and says they're called “jiao zi” and asks if Kyu wants to eat them. Kyu says the best dumplings he's ever eaten were at Hangeng mommy's restaurant. Hangeng says everybody absolutely most go visit his mom's show when they go to Beijing ok? - Kyu nods the camera.

Patty asks Ryeowook and co what's the best way to get the best flavor and taste out of the dish. I can't hear the translator but apparently Ryeowook gets mad cuz Shiwon messes up the stew. Patty asks where Kyu was - Kyu says his stomach hurt so he went to the restroom (pretending he wasn’t the cameraman earlier). Ryeowook says Hangeng's mommy is pretty. Patty talks about how the Chinese tradition is to eat dumplings on the New Year.

Part 3:

Patty says everybody should help make dumplings, and asks if Shiwon knows how to. Patty and Donghae talk about how Donghae make a Batman dumpling. Patty says the real chef is over here (Ryeowook) and that all the other boys are just getting in the way. Patty asks if Ryeowook needs help, and she asks if she's supposed to scoop out all the water. She realizes that apparently all the water in the stew is supposed to boil off so they can fry the ddokboki and starts laughing, asking if Ryeowook added too much water. “How can you say you know how to cook if you added too much water?” Flustered, Ryeowook pushes Patty to "go."

Patty asks Hangeng about Donghae's Batman dumpling, and they make fun of it for looking like a boomerang. Shiwon wants to show off his dumpling because Ryeowook is his "teacher." Hangeng says they have to make sure the dumpling corners are sealed. Patty says Ryeowook wouldn't let her help - Hangeng and Shiwon says Ryeowook likes to cook alone. Patty says everybody says Hangeng's mom's very pretty. Siwon says Hangeng looks just like his mom – Hangeng says when he stands next to his dad, everyone says he looks just like his dad.

Donghae wanders off to cause trouble for Wookie's team, they speak in Korean: Donghae is cutting things and Ryeowook leans over and says, “You’re doing that wrong!” Donghae looks offended, “Why does it even matter once it’s all in the pot? It’s all the same!” Zhoumi makes Donghae go away.

Patty asks whose dumpling is this, Donghae admits it’s his, Patty says he should concentrate more when making dumplings. But Donghae is distracted by Henry pretending to stab him with a dumpling. Patty says there is a lot of extra dough in Donghae's dumpling so Hangeng turns it into a 'xiao long bao' by twisting the ends up. Shiwon's head snaps up and Patty makes fun of him saying that if ever anybody needs to get Shiwon's attention they just have to say 'xiao long bao.' Patty asks Donghae and Kyu to teach her Sorry Sorry. SHE IS SO ADORABLE. She's really happy that she got to dance with Super Junior, and that because she got the opportunity everybody can!


Patty says Donghae should MC and describe what they're doing on their side. Donghae asks when this will be over so they can eat. Hangeng says there's still 15 minutes to go. Patty asks what Hangeng is doing. He says he's mixing the sauce for the dumplings and describes the process (Donghae shoves his face in the camera). Patty compliments Hangeng on how concentrated/focused he is (especially with the crazies around him). Patty asks Hangeng if he eats it spicy and Hangeng says he eats it SUPER spicy (♥ ♥ ♥). Patty says she asked because she saw him scoop up a huge spoonful of spice/hot sauce. Hangeng asks if she eats spicy and she says she definitely can.

Zhoumi runs over and Patty laughs and says he must be hungry. Patty goes over to Ryeowook's side but says she's uncertain if she should cuz Ryeowook made her go away last time. Patty asks if he added too much water. Hangeng wanders over and asks if they're waiting for their food to be ready too. Patty says they’re waiting for the water/soup to boil off and Hangeng says he's going to go take a nap while he waits (because that would take forever, lol). Donghae comes over and says Ryeowook's dish is strange. Patty comments that the pressure is on now as Ryeowook checks on his food. They teach Patty how to say "tastes good" in Korean (masshiso). Kyu teaches her how to say "tastes very good" (i think...) & Patty asks how to say "hurry up" in Korean (bbali bbali). Patty says she'll check up on them in five minutes.

Patty asks what they're doing and Hangeng says Donghae and Henry want to make a really big dumpling. Henry says their making the world's biggest dumpling. Patty says she wants to take this time to tell all the grandmas and mamas to never let boys into the kitchen, she says they're making a crazy mess. She asks what Donghae is doing - if it's pizza - Donghae laughs and says “Korean pizza!” Patty asks if it will even cook well or fall apart in the pot and Hangeng says it definitely won’t get cooked and will probably fall apart. Hangeng tries to warn them not to put too much, but Patty says oh well it's not like we're going to eat it anyways, but Henry says they MUST eat it.

Patty says they must be finished in 3 minutes so to hurry it up. No matter what they will eat it at that time. One of the dumplings leak and Hangeng asks who made it - it was Shiwon. Patty asks if the dumplings are ready, Hangeng explains that they are because they've floated to the top - Henry stands there with his enormous dumpling and points out that the dumplings in the pot have already floated to the top - Hangeng says it's best to let it stand for a few minutes and Henry says "Ok. Then I can put in my dumpling right?"

Henry says it's their masterpiece, Patty comments that it's their baby. Other stuff happens. Somebody (off camera) tries to touch Henry and Donghae's baby and Henry rushes over and is all "nononono!" and he and Donghae take their baby away from the other boys. There is discussion in Korean then Henry says, "hyung! Our babyyyy~" and Henry and Donghae (and Shiwon) proceed to pet, cuddle and kiss their giant dumpling, while Henry coos "little baby" at the dumpling and the camera.

Part 5:

Patty says this is the first time she's eaten a dumpling with corn in it. Hangeng says it's his mom's specialty. Donghae steals Patty's dish and Henry asks after his "baby" and wants to put it in the pot. Patty asks where the "batman" dumpling went and they hand it to Donghae to eat. Zhoumi sings a Super Girl-esque ode to "Chao Nian Bao" (Ddokboki).

Everybody makes fun of how much Henry loves soy sauce. “It’s the only two words he said after he got dumplings,” says Patty. Henry preens over his dumpling baby and xiao long bao making skills. Hannie says they were making this for Patty's birthday and all the boys are eating it! Patty says it's ok and they're hungry. Patty questions Ryeowook's judgment in leaving Shiwon and Kyu with the ddokboki. Hangeng pretends to freak out Patty by saying the ddokboki tastes bad and Patty prays that she doesn't get a stomachache but says it tastes very good when she tries it. The boys teach her the Korean phrases for saying something tastes delicious.

Part 6:

Then they "judge" the best dish. Patty points out Henry and Donghae's dish and asks its name. They boys chorus "BABY!" and high five each other. Patty asks why there are giant green stalks (green union) coming out of the plate and the boys reply: decoration! Edible decoration!

Patty moves on to Hangeng's dish of heartfelt dumplings saying that the dish was originally very large but the boys ate most of it already so this is now just a "sample." Hangeng says something about how it's already in Henry and Donghae's stomachs.

Ryeowook talks about his ddokboki dish – he says it’s a new dish (because originally he was supposed to boil off the soup and he didn’t, lol). Donghae calls Ryeowook's strange and Shiwon and Zhoumi retaliate by making fun of Donghae & Henry's dish. Patty says whoever loses has to eat Donghae and Henry's "baby" dish.

Patty laughs about how the loser has to eat "baby." Henry and Donghae continue to dote on their "baby" and Hangeng says he thinks Donghae and Henry really happy with their baby. Patty thinks the ddokboki dish is delicious and Shiwon wishes her Happy Birthday.

Patty says that Hangeng has lost because he had Henry and Donghae on his team and they brought him down so now he has to eat baby. Hangeng tells Henry and Donghae to eat their baby. Apparently Henry and Donghae have been off to the side making hotpot/"Shabu Shabu." Zhoumi says they're really glad they didn't have to eat "baby" because they had Ryeowook on his team. Then Ryeowook brings out THEIR baby. Henry says "baby grew up" and tries to make Hangeng eat it.

Patty wishes them the best, hopes their concert in Taiwan is a success, etc. etc. and hopes they have time to visit lots of places in Taipei. Hangeng says that it's their first time coming to Taipei and were able to meet so many friends and receive so much warmth, and thanks everyone for supporting SJM.

Patty starts to talk but Donghae interrupts by putting "Hou gou" (hot pot) in front of her. Patty warns everybody to not let Donghae cook in the kitchen ever.

Outtakes translated:

Shiwon wants to know why Donghae has so many fans. Patty asks Shiwon why he thinks that's so. Then Shiwon rattles off a list of why Donghae is awesome - he's adorable, he's handsome, he's cool, dances so well, he's awesome/amazing (Henry chimes in), he talks a lot (says Kyu). patty says: donghae you're amiable and easy-to approach right? (平易近人)
you're very warm (亲切)
donghae: yes, yes, warm
/friendly (italics: translated by meiface)

Kyu fails at Chinese and Hangeng huffs at him.

I think they're asking Ryeowook what he likes to eat - he says buns and "chou dou fu"/stinky tofu. They all make fun of how hungry Patty is – she swallows after everything Ryeowook lists and she repeats.

Shiwon asks when Henry takes a shower, and Henry says “EVERY DAY” and looks embarrassed and moves away from the group. Patty says he can come sit by her. And just as he's gets up to move over she's like - did you wash your hair? (everybody makes fun of poor Henry lmao). Patty asks the fans if it's alright if she smells Henry - she says she's the "big sister" so don't worry! Henry asks if he smells nice and she says something to the extent of not bad. Patty makes Henry promise to shower today, and wash his hair, and Henry chimes in with brush his teeth and Patty says thank you.

Zhoumi asks Hangeng if he really thinks his legs are very long. Patty suggests they compare and see whose legs are the longest. Patty points out that Zhoumi is much taller than Hangeng but their leg lengths are about the same.

I have no clue what Donghae says @_@ so much Chinese traditional characters reading fail on my part! So I asked meiface to translate this part: Question (on the card): What do you think is the most romantic way of confessing?

DH: I've taught Siwon a romantic gesture before. So if we later have cars - if we have our own cars that we can drive - I would open all the car doors, and then turn on the headlights. Then put a microphone stand in front of it, with the girl sitting in the car. Then I would stand outside and sing her a song that I composed to confess to her.

They are mapping their roles in the prank. Donghae has drawn Zhoumi with a gigantic head. He tries to write “Zhoumi de tou” (Zhoumi’s head) but Zhoumi erases it and writes “shuai” (handsome).

Ryeowook says he's cooking. He always makes food and his dish is called "ddokboki." Zhoumi says Ryeowook's ddokboki tastes really good. Shiwon says he doesn't like the sound knives make against each other.

Hangeng and Patty try to convince Ryeowook to switch sides (Ryeowook just smiles blankly at them ♥).

I think Shiwon says the stew looks like Zhoumi and then says "ni hao" (hello) too it. idek guys. Shiwon says he smells really good.

Donghae asks the camera (and fans on the other side of it obvs) if they miss him and love him. He fakes a dramatic moment, pretending they said no and broke his heart. Donghae then says that they (SJM) will always love us (their fans).

Patty asks what Donghae and Henry are doing - they apparently need to have a couple more layers of dumpling skin because the baby is falling apart.

Shiwon tries the dumplings and doesn’t like it because it's too spicy for him. Patty says it’s very good then asks why he's here? Isn't he supposed to be cooking with his team? Henry holds his plate out to Hangeng to serve him, Hangeng tells him to do it himself. Shiwon comes over again and Patty tells him to mimic Henry asking for more soy sauce again. Shiwon points out the imitation is all about Henry's mouth movements when he asks for the soy sauce.

Patty says that they're all so "he le"(happy together) and yet next to them is the master chef from the other team. Patty asks what he's doing here, go cook your food Ryeowook!

Zhoumi says he's glad they're on the show this time because they got to celebrate Patty's birthday and play a prank on her, and do their "tasks" and they got to cook and make a big baby - Shiwon points out there are two babies - and says he hopes they can come back to Taiwan soon and play more games.

Hangeng says SJM appreciates and loves us.

Shiwon says they hope they come back to Taiwan soon. And other stuff I glazed over. Hopes we all attend the concerts, etc.

Source: shu6108171
Translated by celerywench (& edited by meiface cuz she's totally awesome and I fail at reading chinese/have epic moments of chinese fail)
Tags: super junior-m, tv shows

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