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U-Kiss' Dongho Wants to do Better in School

I guess idols aren't perfect after all. Dongho of U-Kiss revealed that he wants to do better in school. It was his new year's resolution which he talked about on Quiz that Change the World today.

He said, "In 2010, I turn 17. My wish is to become one of the 50 best students in the school. Right now, there are 300 students in my school and I'm at 200th place in terms of grades."

Wow, that's a bit low but we have to cut him some slack since he probably sleeps two hours a night. Who has time for school when you're an idol? The MC's made him look better by saying, "He is doing promotions so that's considered good for all the world he does."

He showed his masculine side by doing a very manly dance but surprised everyone when he confessed that his hobby is knitting. He even gave Lee Kyung Shil a handmade scarf. What a gentleman.


dongho why are you the sweetest thing ever. ):
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