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GOT7's Real Thai Episode 1

(click the image to watch the show)

[Bonus clips: what did GOT4 pack in their luggage?]
(click cc for subs)

Bambam and Youngjae packing for Thailand

Mark and Jinyoung packing for Thailand

Source: kshow123 / XtvN 1 2 / gif

GOT4 go looking for seven pieces of luck scattered across Thailand... so like missions, yay.

It's interesting seeing a less known dynamic for GOT7 and it brings out new sides in the members (like Jinyoung being quite talkative and bantery and taking the lead). The first episode is pretty chill but I think GOT4 will and do prove that they can be funny too (ofc with the infamous slyness and betrayal already in the first ep, it's GOT7 variety after all). Ah, I think this will be pretty interesting... l
ol why am I writing such a promo.
For now we get to see them settle in, and experience Thailand in both scenery and also yummy food (which just leaves OP salivating, dammit).

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