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Cherry Bullet debuts with "Q&A"

Cherry Bullet, a new 10-member K-pop girl group under FNC Entertainment, debuted on the K-pop scene with their first mini-album, "Let's Play Cherry Bullet," Monday.

During their group debut, the members said the name represented a dual-sided identity.
The rookie girl group ― consisting of members Haeyoon, Yuju, Mirae, Bora, Jiwon, Kokoro, Remi, Chaerin, Lin Lin and May ― has already made its name known to the public through a reality TV show and a number of TV commercials, forming a solid fan base.

The multinational 10-piece act includes four non-Koreans: Kokoro, Remi and May from Japan, and Lin Lin from Taiwan.

"We are very excited to be able to debut as the label's first girl group in six years following AOA. We will do our best to join their ranks," Bora said during the group's showcase for a "Q&A" in Seoul, Monday.

The track, "Q&A," is a vibrant, energetic song with an upbeat melody. Two other songs revealed were "Violet," an R&B and neo-soul track, and "Stick Out," a vivacious pop song.

"The song Q&A reflects our determination to feature each member's distinctive personality and unique charms," Haeyoon said.

Cherry Bullet's music video had already caught attention on social media, as the girls make their way through a digital arcade with retro video games.

The members also shared their journey towards becoming K-pop stars. Chaerin said her role model was Seolhyun from AOA, while Mirae said they wanted to copy the strengths of every girl group to become the ultimate one.

Haeyoon expressed her excitement about the group's debut, saying, "It feels surreal to finally debut because last year I was just a contestant in Mnet's idol survival show Produce 48." "I came out with a new mindset. As I'm with my bandmates, I feel confident about our debut performances," she added.

The act said its goal for this year is to promote the group with eyes on a rookie award.

"I heard that a lot of K-pop groups are set to debut this year, but we would love to sweep rookie artist awards at the year-end ceremonies," Chaerin said.

Meanwhile, Bora expressed her wish to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Luckily, we were chosen as one of the K-pop breakout picks for 2019 by Billboard. We want our songs to be ranked on the chart and gain worldwide popularity," she said.

The group is set to promote its new single on various Korean television shows including M Countdown from Thursday.

source: The Korea Times
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