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Seventeen brings out its warmer side in "Home"

Acclaimed K-pop boy band Seventeen returned Monday with the new EP "You Made My Dawn," fronted by "Home," which brings out the 13 members' warmer and manly sides.

The teenage concept band showed up in uncharacteristic warm pink suits and tailored jackets as the members presented "Home," the title track of the six-track EP, at a press showcase for the album in Seoul.

"Home," the second track of the album, is an "urban future R&B" song with synth sounds, telling of the warmth of home.

"As the members discuss the production of each album, we always cling to the message that we can deliver to the public. For this album, we had the idea that we wanted to come up with a consoling song, a song that could comfort the public and the Carat," member Woozi said in the showcase, referring to the group's global fandom called "Carat."

Woozi composed and wrote the title song, in cooperation with member Bumzu.

"That's how we came up with this keyword 'home' where you can rest comfortably. I hope (the public) will savor this song as a genuine work, not just as a commonplace idol song," he said.

"I will be standing here anytime, you can take it easy cuz I'm your home home home home where you can cry and where you can return," says the song's refrain, matched with the 13 members' mellow dance moves.

The easygoing choreography turns more dynamic as the 13 members execute clear triple airborne turns immaculately.

"It usually does take a lot of time when we do the first dance of a new choreography because we naturally gain teamwork after spending so much time together," Seventeen said. "But the triple turn took us an unusually long time to master."

"Home" is one of the EP's three tracks that bring together all 13 members. The others are the first track "Good to Me," a hip, sexy number also composed by Woozi and Bumzu, and the final track "Getting Closer," whose Korean name is "Out of Breath."

"Getting Closer," which comes with breathtaking, lung-busting choreography, was premiered during the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, where the group was awarded Best Dance Performance Male Group.

The remaining three tracks are by Seventeen's three sub-units each focused on vocal, hip-hop and performance.

The third track "Hug" was recorded by the vocal group which included Woozi, while the fourth and fifth tracks -- "Chilli" and "Shhh" -- are by the hip-hop and the performance groups, respectively.

"The keywords like warmth and consolation run through all the tracks," member Dino said, adding that the group put its fate on the success of the latest record.

"This year, we will aim as high as taking the top prize at annual year-end music awards events," member Seungkwan noted.

Member Mingyu said the members remain open to the possibility of officially releasing separate albums for the sub-units, although there are no set plans due to time limits.

"We will of course be working hard as a team, but we are also open about the possibility of separate activities in the units," he said, adding that the wish has, however, not materialized.

"As Seventeen shines the most when we are together as a team, we tend to focus on it, but the door is always open," Woozi also noted.

In April, the boy band is scheduled to throw a concert in Japan, where the group has cemented solid popularity. Including Japan, the band wishes to go on a world tour this year.

"We have been talking with our management agency since early this year. We may go visit Carats through a world tour as we want to repay their love and support. We haven't gone to Europe yet, but we want to visit there too since we heard there are Carats there too," Seventeen said.

source: Yonhap News
cinnamonbot 22nd-Jan-2019 02:25 am (UTC)
nice article :) i always want to hear more about the making of the choreography though...

"The keywords like warmth and consolation run through all the tracks," member Dino said, adding that the group put its fate on the success of the latest record.

?! does this mean they almost disbanded???

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adlyeith 22nd-Jan-2019 06:30 am (UTC)
?! does this mean they almost disbanded???

I was really curious about that too, especially since they are popular, I kind of want them to elaborate on that comment a bit because I don't understand why that would be the case. They aren't BTS level popular (though I wish they were) but they're still pretty up there.
chikage_chan 22nd-Jan-2019 08:01 am (UTC)
I’m calling bad journalism or a weird translation on that, there’s no way they were on the verge of disbanding because of lack of popularity.
And considering the author called Bumzu a member of the group, I think we should take the article with a grain of salt lol
921227 22nd-Jan-2019 03:43 pm (UTC)
Sub unit albums??? I would die for a Vocal unit album
thatchicksaywha 22nd-Jan-2019 05:05 pm (UTC)
I'd kill for individual sub-unit albums!!! Every track that the performance team puts out is straight up fire honestly, & so is the choreo to match..
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