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Teasers for "Spring Turns to Spring"

"Spring Turns to Spring" is a body-swapping comedy featuring Lee Yuri and Eom Ji Won, directed by Lee Kim Sang-ho (Arang and the Magistrate, Avengers Social Club) and written by Lee Hye-sun (Golden Pouch),

Lee Yuri plays a selfish, ambitious woman who knows nothing but herself. She used to be a regular reporter, but climbed her way up to become the main news anchorwoman by using any means necessary to get the latest scoops. Conversely, Eom Ji Won’s character devotes herself fully to her family. She used to be an actress, but gave up her career when she married, and now she’s the wife of a congressman. Lee Jong Hyuk plays a character called Lee Hyung-suk who works with Lee Yuri’s character at the broadcasting station and the two will be at odds. Choi Byung Mo plays Eom Ji Won’s husband.

After years of hard work, Lee Yuri is just within reach of fulfilling her dream of being a TV news anchor. But fatefully, on the first day she’s set to sit at the news desk, she and Eom Ji Won undergo a body-switch. The drama will follow the women as they find themselves and attempt to find a way back to their rightful bodies.

"Spring Turns to Spring", also known as "Spring Must Be Coming", premieres Wednesday, January 23 on MBC.

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