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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Group intro film + group photo, opening of group twitter

Bighit also posted the first group image:

And the group twitter opened today with messages from each of the members:

Hello! I’m Soobin from Tomorrow×Together! I wanted to communicate with you for a moment our official account has finally been opened! I am pleased to write the first tweet.

Hello everyone!!! #TOMORROWXTOGETHER’s #Yeonjun!!! It’s my first introduction on Twitter, please wait a little longer, I’ll be back again.Thank you for all your love and attention even before our debut!!! I’m really touched.

Hello! I’m #Beomgyu!!! Did you enjoy the intro film??😊 I wanted to communicate with you all for a little bit, so I started Twitter like this!! I’ll come to see you often, so please look forward to it.#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER❤⭐

Hello! I am the youngest one,Taehyun. Have you seen all of our introduction films?😮We haven’t debuted yet, but I came to Twitter to communicate together first! Please give a lot of love to TomorrowxTogether ❤

“Everyone!!!!!! Hi!!!#TOMORROWXTOGETHR is really excited to be introduced to you here on Twitter after the teaser was released. I will continue to communicate through Twitter, and I will show you a lot of good things!!! We are looking forward to your attention and love 😍

Sources: @BigHitEnt, ibighit on Youtube, @txt_members (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  ,  translations via tomorrowxtogether fan tumblr (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

TXT Tracker:
Teaser + Countdown
Member Reveal:
Yeonjun | Soobin | Hueningkai | Taehyun | Beomgyu
Tags: big hit entertainment, debut, nugu, social media/youtube, teaser

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