11:43 pm - 01/24/2019

190124 Mnet M!Countdown

Winners Announcement

Encore Fancam

[Nominees & Point Categories]



'Almost Midnight (Gotta Go)'

Digital Sales (음원 판매 점수) 2224 4500
Physical Album Sales (음반 판매 점수) 932 26
Global Fan Voting (글로벌 팬 투표) 592 11
Social Media (소셜미디어 점수) 2000 347
Mnet Broadcast Points(엠넷 방송 점수) 905 1000
Final Total 7653 6294






Sources: Mnet K-Pop, korean music shows, Co Ba Kpop 4

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xoxkenzxox 24th-Jan-2019 11:54 pm (UTC)
Not that I'm complaining, but any idea why Umji and Eunha were MC-ing during the winner's announcement?
love_keiko 25th-Jan-2019 12:33 am (UTC)
if there was an award for "best use of group members" i'd give it to 17. i just dont think there is any group that utilizes their numbers to such a dynamic degree. they are simply peerless when it comes to choreography.

and i dont even like the damn song, lol. but the performance is excellent.

cherry bullet is cute. giving me hella twice vibes but i'm ok with it.

chungah forever, heartbroken af that apink's promotions are over.
dior_chic 25th-Jan-2019 12:34 am (UTC)
January has been amazing so far - Gfriend, Apink, and Chungha all have had great releases and each have won awards, I’m so happy for all of them!!! (I mean any time girl groups win I’m content lol)

Sowon looks so good with that choker necklace
horichansenpai 25th-Jan-2019 02:56 am (UTC)

Ty to whichever mod made the Cherry Bullet tag! Q&A is definitely more fun to watch live. R.i.p Remi and Linlin not getting proper lines though.

Edited at 2019-01-25 02:57 am (UTC)
chikage_chan 25th-Jan-2019 07:40 am (UTC)
SVT performances were fire, I feel personally attacked by Jihoon in Good to me!
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