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Hello counselor case featuring a child abuser (tw for child abuse)

they haven't removed the video but disabled the like/dislike counter

comments from pann
original post: here

1. [+461. -3]
This is definitely not based on love. He's clearly showing that he hates it, but the dad kept on forcing himself on the kid and tormenting him. He seems to be enjoying it on top of it. He should be sent to a mental hospital

2. [+274, -0]
No but isn't he a psychopath.....? The kid is clearly in pain but he's talking like that without any remorse, is he enjoying this?

3. [+233, -1]
You can tell how annoyed the kid is with his expressions and the way he got mad. I can feel how uncomfortable he is with his dad being too close to him and touching him like that as a human. If you know that your kid isn't a possession, then how are you not able to not touch him like that? I feel so bad for the kid. Imagine how ashamed he must be feeling..

4. [+233, -2]
Can that husband stop it already with his wife and his kid!!!!

5. [+200, -3]
No matter how delicious a meal is, if you keep consuming it like a medication, you'll end up being poisoned by it. He's showing way too much affection so it became poisonous. And if the other party clearly doesn't likes it, I think that this can be considered sexual harassment

6. [+193, -0]
I'm so worried about the kid. If you think about the kid, maybe he will learn from this experience and induce shame to other people when he grows up. It's quite scary to see a dad loving his kid like that. He might even learn to use force to show affection even if the other party hates it. It's not like he himself grew up doing everything he wanted to do and the kid is probably growing up in fear. I don't know what his dad's sexual inclination is and it's not even important at this point, I just wished that he stops hurting the kid. The kid is clearly scared of him if he runs away every time he sees the dad, who even chases after their kid and corner them in a scary place and inflict sexual shame, and do skinship that only themselves enjoy, hit their kid even if they don't do anything, yet still is able to call it love? I
don't know whether he was born a pervert, or he's became a pervert because of the way he was raised, but as parents, you should be careful in front of your kids

7. [+163. -0]
Stop being a sexual harasser with your kid and wife. This is sexual harassment. While he makes the wife take care of the kid, the dad goes and touches his penis......... This is just too severe

8. [+153, -0]
If he hates it, just stop you f*cker. What love bullsh*t this is dumbfounding

9. [+148, -5]
So he even enjoys hearing him say he hates it?

10. [+140, -0]
This is abuse

Sources  Pann Choa @soft2seok @chaeerries @erkbri @oct0917 KBS world tv tv.naver
Tags: crime, gfriend, kbs, sexual harassment / sexual assault, trigger warning, variety show
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