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Cory Hong leaves 24K, Sungoh expected to return after military service

24K has announced a change to their member lineup.

On January 25, the group made an announcement on their official Twitter regarding members Cory and Sungoh.

Their official statement reads:

"Hello, this is Choeun Entertainment. First, we’d like to say how hard 24U [24K’s fandom] has worked this past year.

We’d like to make an announcement regarding Cory and Sungoh.

Choeun Entertainment’s staff and the members are thankful for the huge role Cory, who was one of the original members of 24K, had as the oldest member and leader of 24K. However, as his exclusive contract has expired, he spent a long time pondering over his future. After considering various factors such as his age, Cory made the decision that rather than being a member of 24K, it would be better to switch to being a producer.

We respect Cory’s decision to leave 24K to the younger members and turn to producing. Please send your continued support for Cory, who will greet fans again with a great song.

This next announcement is about Sungoh.

After being discharged from the military, Sungoh has returned to Choeun Entertainment. He is currently writing a song for 24K’s next album. After Sungoh carefully discusses his future path with the company, we will return with another announcement.

Choeun Entertainment will make efforts to invite Cory, Sungoh, Kisu, and other original members to 24K’s future events as special guests so they can have the opportunity to meet long-time fans.

24K is heading in a new direction in order to become a more global group, and is currently preparing for their next album. Please continue to send 24K your unchanging love and support. [24K] promises to come back with greater songs and a better image to repay 24U.

Thank you again to 24U for your support, and we wish you a Happy New Years."

Following Choeun Entertainment’s announcement, Cory wrote a letter for fans and posted it on his personal Twitter. He thanked fans for their continued support and vowed to work harder in the future.

I just got to see 24K for the first time last year so this is a bummer. Not surprising that he's focusing on producing since he was doing that + writing for the group already. 24K have that UKISS disease so once Sungoh rejoins, he'll be the only original member left in the group.

Source: Soompi via 24K__official, 24k_coreeya
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