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Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook Confirmed for Romcom "Her Private Life"

The new tvN rom-com drama Her Private Life is based on a popular web novel about a woman and a man who both lead double lives called Noona Fan Dot Com; written by Kim Sung-yeon. At work, the woman is a competent art curator, but at home she’s an avid idol fangirl. The man is an arrogant director of an art gallery when offline. Online, he’s a warm and friendly fanboy, but this fanboy persona is fake. It’s a story about fangirling/fanboying, and how embarrassing regrets and past glory days led the characters to become who they are in the present.

Kim Jae Wook accepts will be playing the role of Ryan Gold – newly hired director of the art gallery. He’s a cynic with a prickly personality, and is aggrieved by the smallest mistakes. However, there’s something mysterious surrounding his character. Park Min Young will be playing Sung Deok-mi. By day, she’s one of the gallery’s top curators. Outside of work, her life’s purpose is her idol celebrity love.

Directing will be done by PD Hong Jong-chan whose past works include Dear My Friends, Most Beautiful Goodbye, and Life. tvN’s Her Private Life is currently being planned to air in April after Touch Your Heart has ended.

Sources: Dramabeans/MBN | @kdrama_news
Tags: drama, kim jaewook, park min yeong, tvn

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