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U-Kiss' Dongho is Text-Dating?

Who U-Kiss' Dongho has been dating through texts has been revealed.

During the 2nd of January's broadcast of SBS E!TV 'Idol Maknae Rebellion (IMR)', Mario from 'Invincible Teams' and U-Kiss' Soohyun revealed that Dongho has been having 'text dates' with a close nuna.

"We have seen Dongho texting an unknown girl when we have schedules with him", Mario and Soohyun said, "Although we cannot confirm who the recipient is, I remember the exact content of the message."

"The message Dongho sent said 'Just remember I'll always be with you'", revealed Soohyun. Dongho explained that, "It's a text I sent to to a close Nuna who I grew up with and Soohyun misunderstood when he saw it." but Mario also said that "When we're recording 'Invincible Teams', I always see Dongho sending text messages."

*'text-dating' meaning constantly sending text-messages to each other, not really dating-dating.

ALSO. Soohyun posted a message on U-Kiss' official message board about the show:

There's no such girl to Dongho...
I really have nothing to say ㅜㅠ
It was for the broadcast
Don't misunderstand...ㅎㅎㅎ

sources: newsen (original article), ukissmeSG (for translated article and the translation of Soohyun's message)

So much Dongho these days~ ♥
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