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Preview for "Touch Your Heart"

Lee Dong Wook will play a high-flying workaholic attorney named Kwon Jung Rok. He’s the perfect man, and is above all things professional. He regards his work as being sacred and this attitude makes him very popular with both his clients and his law firm. Yoo In Na will play Oh Jin Shim, his secretary. She’s no ordinary secretary though, she’s hiding her true identity—Hallyu star actress. After becoming entangled in a dating scandal, she was forced to retire from the industry. Though she was well-known for her beauty, our heroine was notorious for her terrible acting skills. In order to silence her acting critics and make a splashy comeback, our Hallyu star decides to take a break in the “real world,” which is how she ends up a secretary. Oh Jin Shim is described as not quite grounded in reality and lacking common sense. She tends to treat everything like a scene out of a drama. She’s a little wacky, but charming and lovely nonetheless.

Lee Sang Woo will portray a handsome prosecutor named Kim Se Won, while Son Sung Yoon will play the part of a “girl crush” prosecutor named Yoo Yeo Reum. These ex-lovers are Kwon Jung Rok’s best friends who became acquainted in college and at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. The drama is directed by PD Park Joon-hwa (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Because This Is My First Life).

"Touch Your Heart" premieres Wednesday, January 30 on tvN.

Sources: tvN DRAMA | Soompi/Naver 1 2 | Dramabeans/Korea Kyungje/Osen/Snapp
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