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JYP Entertainment to collaborate with Sony Music to launch Japanese GIrl Group

Previously, Park Jin Young had discussed the future of the agency and how they hope to expand and adapt to the ever-changing industry. During the discussion, he had come up with four plans, and this one will be included in the plan of “globalization by localization.”

He explained, “If K-pop in the first stage was to export Korean content overseas, and the second stage was to find overseas talent and mix it with Korean artists, then the next step is to foster and produce talent directly from overseas.”

At the time, he mentioned their first project BOY STORY, a six-member Chinese boy group, and had revealed that a girl group with all Japanese members is being prepared. On February 7, Park Jin Young will hold a press conference at the headquarters of Sony Music in Tokyo to reveal his ideas and prospects for the Japanese girl group. Afterwards, JYP Entertainment will hold large auditions inside and outside of Japan this summer.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
Tags: collaboration, debut, jyp entertainment

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