juhli (juhli) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Shinwha's Eric tries to get tickets for his own fanmeeting and (spoiler) fails

(video is subbed by Eric)

Hello, this is Eric from aguTV.
Congratulations to those who were successful in today's ticketing, for those who failed, you have worked hard. In conclusion, I failed in the ticketing. That's why it's a pity but I will not be able to go to the fanmeeting on 2/16. Since I failed in getting tickets.
For those who succeeded, this may be nothing much but since you are going, I hope you come and have a fun and enjoyable time. As for me, I will be drinking a can of beer and going to bed afterwards. So good night everyone~

ps. I am intending to add subtitles to this video. I wanted you guys to be able to watch this first hence I uploaded it without subtitles. If at any time the title of this video changes, it means I have added subtitles.

p.s I wanted to experience the hard work of the ticketing war myself and be able to sympathize with you all, that is why I participated in the ticketing this time. For many of those who failed in getting tickets today, including myself, this video is dedicated to you guys.

source: aguTV eric
Tags: eric mun, fail, lolz, social media/youtube

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