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GOT7 Real Thai episode 3

(click screencap to watch episode)

[SoMe posts of behind the scenes (might contains slight spoilers for today´s episode!)]

Source: kshow123 / XtvN 1 2 3 4 / TrueSeries / liwonhyoung / gif

GOT7's Real Thai:
Ep1 | Ep2 | Ep3

In this episode, we get intense game of flicking bottle caps, a test of flexibility, and questionable health tests. Also Mark once again shows himself as the trickster variety gamer of the group while another member isn't all that lucky.
(Also as a bonus we get to see how they look right after waking up (like for
real real)).

Also I forgot to mention earlier, the two first episodes recorded the highest rating in the history of XtvN.

I try to be unbiased but it so happens there isn't any good gifs except of Jinyoung, I swear, this one has Youngjae in it at least
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