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Jay Park Trends Worldwide on Twitter for Comparing Cultural Appropriation to Non-Asians liking K-Pop

On January 30th, Jay Park posted a video of fellow rapper Avatar Darko, a member of Jay's H1ghr Music label, rapping to "Truly Unruly" on his Instagram.

Direct Link to IG video

As Avatar Darko is a White rapper with dreadlocs, many fans took to the Instagram comments to voice their frustrations. In the now-disabled comment section, Jay responded to multiple people who accused him and Avatar Darko of cultural appropriation.
(OP Note: Because the comments are now disabled and I am unable to link to them, I will be transcribing them and providing screenshots. I have tried to piece them together in order according to multiple sources)

"Like every time I twist my hair into spikes with gel, y'all say the same shit 'cause y'all THINK it looks like dreads… tbh getting pretty ridiculous… I can't style my hair???"

"Yooo feeling somebodies [sic] music is personal opinion but hating on somebody 'cause of their hairstyle… I'm sorry but THAT ain't it. Jay Park and Avatar Darko never disrespect the culture and always give back. That's like saying a non-Asian person shouldn't use Korean words and shouldn't listen to K-pop 'cause they didn't go through all the suffering Korean people went through (if you don't know, look the shit up). It's 2019 and every culture, every ethnicity influences each other and as long as we're not disrespecting each other, it's all love and nothing else. If I sound like a dumbass because of this comment, then I guess I'm dumbass"

"Let's not argue over dumbshit there are REAL problems out there much more serious then[sic] how u wear ur hair...if you wanna focus on something go focus on that. We just trying to put on for the city and our ppl while doin what we love...if you don't like it that's coo...much love to all the fans"

"Also if we are doing something wrong give valid points and a SOLUTION.. otherwise u just hating and adding to the problem"

(reply to someone's comment) "so its ok for non asian ppl to use the word "oppa" or "selca" and "mukbang" but have never lived in korea and don't know the culture? Is that cultural appropriation? Or is that just showing love and being interested or passionate about something? Pls educate me PLEASE"

(reply to another person's comment) "how about ppl that arnt [sic] korean that do mukbang. Or kpop reaction vids to gain followers or views? Or ppl that wanna be part of 'fandoms' cause they just wanna be accepted or part of something.. Is that appropriating? I think some people can take offense to it or some ppl could look at it as oh they are just fans and they want to be part of the long as its not disrespectful i see no reason why not.. if u don't know how they grew up or what they are about i don't think you should be so quick to judge just because of ones hair"

The conversation then migrated to twitter, where Jay continued:

He then replies to a tweet that is now unavailable saying:

He then, seemed to have a change of heart (or was tired of the comments) and tweeted:

He also disabled the comment section of his Instagram post of Avatar Darko's video, and changed to caption to "If I spoke out place my fault I apologize. 🙏 Just know @avatardarko and I love yall. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤"

Sources: Jay's IG (jparkitrighthere), AsiaOne, Hollywood Life, Jay's Twiter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7,8,9,10,11,12, Screencaps via Seoulpimpin tumblr 1 and 2
Tags: aomg, cultural insensitivity / racism, h1ghr music, hip hop, jay park

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