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Nam GyuRi reconciles with formal management company, actress debut is set to happen early 2010

Known to be have been in a discord with her formal management, it has been revealed that singer-actress and ex-SeeYa member Nam GyuRi has dramatic reconciled with her formal management company.

It was known that she had reconciled with Core Contents Media through Kim GwangSoo president recently. With that Nam GyuRi will be able to do her entertainer activities freely in her new management company in the future.

A staff revealed, “Nam GyuRi and Kim GwangSoo president has reconciled smoothly through conversation. From now, Nam GyuRi can freely do her entertainer activities.”

Currently it is known that Nam GyuRi has been casted for a drama written by Kim SooHyun. And with that, she will debut as an actress in a SBS drama during the first half of 2010.

Nam GyuRi has left the group SeeYa last April on problems with the contract with the company. She has known to have signed a 5-year contract but had wanted out after just 3 years. She has since been in negotiations with Core Contents on settlement of the remainding 2 years left on the contract.

Meanwhile, SeeYa recently had a new member SooMi and they are promoting their new minialbum released in October.

Source: Newsen + sookyeong

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