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Netflix Korean Zombie series 'Kingdom' grabs attention

The first season of the Korean Zombie series "Kingdom" has successfully frightened Netflix viewers, garnering positive reviews from people worldwide.

After its premiere on Jan 25, numerous viewers described the six-episode mystery thriller drama as unique, saying they watched all the episodes in a day.

A portion of online users outside Korea also displayed their interest in "Gat," a Korean traditional hat worn by the characters on the screen. The Koreans wore varying styles of the hat during the Joseon dynasty, depending on their social status and situations.

"Kingdom" is about a crown prince who tries to unlock the secrets behind those who turned into zombies due to starvation. A-list actors Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doo-na and Ryu Seung-ryong star in the drama. Kim Eun-hee, a prominent writer who penned tvN's hit thriller "Signal" in 2016, teamed with director Kim Seong-hun.

Season two will premiere in February.

source: The Korea Times
Tags: drama, joo ji hoon

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