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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! I am all over the place today. Ran away to Vegas for a few days and now back to work today. And I don’t wanna work lol..it’s Friday! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’ll check out the top songs from the 1st week of February, 2008. All the songs have been posted before, so this time we’ll see some live stages. Have a good weekend, everyone!

#3 Girls’ Generation “Kissing You”
This is the third time the song is posted, so I wanted to do a recent performance this time around. So here’s the song at the Phantasia Tour in Seoul in 2015. It’s so freaking cute. They’re so damn cute, the song is cute, everything is cute.

#2 Park Jiheon “On The Days I Miss You”
This song stayed on the top of the charts for quite a while. V.O.S usually charts really well, and that chorus is so catchy! Strong vocals as expected from V.O.S. They really went overboard with all that confetti omg lol.

#1 Brown Eyed Girls “L.O.V.E”
I still think that I get this confused with another song, because it sounds familiar but I can’t place it. And I don’t remember the live stages at all, so I’m just ??? It annoys me that I can’t remember lol.

Honorable Mentions

#5 Big Bang “Last Farewell”
Like SNSD above, this is the 3rd time for this song as well. But all their recent concerts have been taken down from YouTube. Here’s the song at the 2010 Big Show concert. They still perform this at shows because it’s still a damn bop! They still do the choreography too. Well, Big Bang’s idea of choreo. You know what I mean lol.

#6 Joo “Because Of A Man”

I didn’t think she was so young when she did this song, she was only 17. She looks like such a baby here! I knew this song was old, but I didn’t think she was that young. The song lyrics are so dramatic for someone so young. But heartbreak is heartbreak no matter what age. Also PS I had to google her age, and didn’t realize her little brother was Ilhoon from BtoB.

source: Vitu, MBCkpop 1 2 3, ygconcert & naver
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