waves_of_light (waves_of_light) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

MBLAQ's Mir opens up a YouTube channel

Hello everyone! I'm so excited and anxious about uploading my first video. I know it's lacking a lot but please be understanding and give me lots of advice. If my video can help you smile and brighten your day a bit then that's great. Thank you so much for watching!! Please come back often!!

I remember him coming from a farming family, but I didn't know it was a real proper FARM lol. Like, it looks really big! I'm a city girl, please understand. And his sister! Does she still act? Anyways, more videos at source, including one where he talks about his future plans and return to entertainment.

source: - MirBangTV미르방티비
Tags: mblaq, social media/youtube

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