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key to release station single and repackage of face; launches agit concert series

in a rush of promotion preceding his enlistment on on march 4th: shinee's key announced at his first (of eleven) solo concerts today that he will be releasing both a repackage of his debut solo album, face, and his first single for sm station soon. the title track to his repack, "i wanna be", was performed along the station single, which will be titled "cold" and feature an appearance by rapper hanhae. though an exact date was not given for either release: key confirmed that there will be a music video for "i wanna be" (which hasn't been filmed yet), and that "cold" was co-written by him lyrically. though not much has been released from keyland itself yet, under the cut is a cute little 5hinee aesthetic set up that he helped design for the concert.

(so far only the section where he discussed jjong!moon has been uploaded and translated.)

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