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G Generation Taecyeon's Interview w/ Chosun

In 2005, a student attending a high school in Boston, America had a future set out for him. He was athletic with a tall height of 185 cm and 76k. His grades were in the top 5% of the nation and he was a member of the National Honor Society. Sophomore year of high school, he received an admissions to the University of Massachusetts. His future dream was to be a doctor or a business man.

With an audition by JYP Entertainment for gyopos abroad, the life of this boy was shaken up. He was at a crossroad. Will he take the road of stability and success in America or gamble with his life in a foreign country in order to become a star?

He immediately put himself on a plane to Korea and led a dark life of an unpredicted future as a trainee. Four years later, he's become one of the biggest stars to receive the love of teens all across Korea. He's idol group 2PM's Ok Taecyeon.

"I was regular just like anyone else. I only knew how to study. But the opportunity to live a different kind of life from everyone else made my heart beat a bit faster. I knew that I was jumping into a completely different world but I wasn't afraid at all. There's a saying that you're going to suffer no matter what when you're young anyway."

There's a new generation arising in Korea called the 'G Generation,' calling those born after the 1988 Seoul Olympics. They're characterized by their inability to go with the flow and their constant need to be different from those around them.

Ok Taecyeon is one of them. Born in 1988, his family immigrated to America during 6th grade. When he came back, Ok noticed "Although I came back after 6 years, I realized that we all had the same outlook on life. There was this urge to build and live in a unique world of our own."

A psychologist from Yonsei University describes it as "The older generation always molded themselves into the expectations of their family or society and some have even succeeded like that. The young adults of the G Generation instead long to be liberated from the views and opinions of others and look for success in work that truly fascinates them."

An international relations professor of JoongAng University states "The baby boom and 386 generation were always preoccupied with how they will look in the eyes of others. The G Generation instead focuses on the importance of individuality and the personal happiness of one another."

Despite the optimism of the G Generation, professionals are often critical and full of worry. A nerve psychiatry professor of Keonkook University explained "The G Generation grew up in an environment where there is always an abundance of everything. In basic issues such as loss of relationships or loss of grades, they are often extremely depressed while handling them when the older generation is able to cope and overcome within 2~3 days. The G Generation also has a harder time than their elders when attending mandatory military service. They receive a lot of stress from just having to share an environment with someone else."

CREDITS: CHOSUN(SOURCE); hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY(TRANS), kdrama_queen@2ONEDAY

Like I've always called him... nerd. xD
I need to him to teach me how to play chess.
Can you imagine a doctor or a businessman like this:

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