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Travel The World On Exo’s Ladder Season 2: EP 6-10 (Subbed)

embedding the source tweet this time in case anyone prefers a different viewing method :D

EP 6-8 Synopsis:
+ The members arrive at an artsy area of town for their first mission (for allowance money)
+ It goes about as well as the stamp mission from last season
+ Chanyeol continues to trigger Chen about CBX

EP 9-10 Synopsis
+ Sehun finally joins the broadcast with his "on the way to the airport ladder game"
+ The other members go to a cafe for drinks and ride a small train.
+ Chen sings Adele, Kai begs a member to do a couple outfit, and Suho tries lemonade and Chanyeol tries to switch teams.

Next week they go Go Karting & Sehun joins them.

EP 1-5

source: oksusu and subbed by @exo2018subs | preview via @exo2018subs

Kyungsoo turning into a whole diff person during the mission and them forgetting about their camera men was too much. 10 episodes down and 40 to go.
Tags: cbx, exo, variety show

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