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Lee Hyori will take more time for her album

Lee Hyori said hello to her fans on her fan cafe yesterday. She titled an entry "Happy 2010" and wrote something to the fans that are waiting patiently for her new album.

Hyori wrote,
Everyone, my New Year greeting is a bit late. Because of you guys, I received such a big award (SBS Entertainment Daesang) and I ended the year happily. In my "thank you speech," I'm so sorry that I forgot to mention my fans. I was really nervous so please understand. You guys know I get nervous at those places, right?

All of my albums have been hard to make and this one is not easy either. I wanted to release this album in January but I think I need more time. I will work hard and make a comeback so wait for me.

Let's grow old together and live happily. Life - what is there to it?

I guess she won't be running into Kim Jong Kook on stage after all.

Source: allkpop 
Tags: lee hyori
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