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TXT to debut in March on with MV & (mini) album, Beomgyu & Yeonjun post about it

TXT’s debut MV and album will be released on March the 4th, and MNET will be broadcasting their Debut Showcase on the same day at 7PM KST.

Their debut album is called 꿈의 장: STAR (Dreaming Chapter: Star)

On March the 5th, TXT will hold their first official meeting at “Yes24 Live Hall” in Seoul, South Korea, where they will be meeting fans for the first time and performing live.

Hi, #BEOMGYU here!
Today our debut date and album were finally released, so I am very nervous, but I am excited to finally meet you guys!! ☺️
My hair has grown so much I can only see with one eye.. ㅠ 😢
But I really want to see you guys too..
Really, I love you 💕
bbabang!! 🌰

It’s really cold outside today, everyone! I was shivering because the weather is so cold. Try not to catch a cold. You should be healthy to come see our showcase! If you don’t come, I’ll get upset! I miss you so much. See you soon!#YEONJUN

sources: MnetKR , TXT_bighit - 1 & 2 , TXT members - 1 & 2, translations via fyeahtxt on tumblr - 1 , 2 & 3

TXT Tracker:
Teaser + Countdown
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