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✨ An Incomplete Guide to Nugu Girl Groups (Part 3) ✨

{ ✨ Part 1 / Part 2 ✨ }

It's been a while! But I'm back, and I've gathered some more lovely nugu flowers for you to admire. I've also included some updates on the groups featured in parts 1 and 2, as the landscape of the Nugu Queendom is forever changing.

Group Name: H.U.B
Debut Date: February 2017
Label: New Planet Entertainment
Members: Rui, Yehin, Chehee, Seoryeong, Hyosun (PD101 S1, The Unit, formerly of Kiwi Band)
H.U.B's latest MV "Finale" is quite aesthetically pleasing, with an elegant "desert flower" concept similar to (G)I-DLE. It's a huge step forward for the group both in image and sound. Their first release "Our Time Together" was a pretty simple and catchy light-radio-esque tune, which they followed with the... difficult twerk anthem "Girl Gang." And then they returned to the easy listening sound with "When a Blossom Day of Cherry Blossom." They seem to work best with the sexy, badass concept, and it seems they've finally gained a decent budget, so hopefully that'll continue.
Like any nugu group worth their salt, they've appeared on Pops in Seoul, and they have a YouTube channel with a modest amount of content (sadly, none of it is subbed.) They've gone through one lineup change, with Rui the only remaining original member. Rui's pretty interesting; she's an ISAC gold medalist in the Women's Speed Race, apparently she's close friends with Hyuna & E'Dawn, and she made a solo debut with the super-caffeinated EDM track "Exciting" before H.U.B's debut. (She's since released a few other solo singles.) She also competed on Mixnine and was voted the second best female visual on the show.

Group Name: G-reyish
Debut Date: June 2017
Label: Elijah Entertainment
Members: Hyeji, Shinyoung, Yena, Yeso
G-reyish have gone for an anime-esque sound and look with their latest release, "Candy." I have to admire them for taking risks with their music; I just wish they had the budget for some magical girl CGI. Their debut "Johnny GoGo" had a more disco-pop, T-ara vibe, and they continued the retro sound with "With a Smile," although the latter had no MV. Apparently their group name represents how they don't want to lose their color, even if other colors are mixed in... just like the color grey.
They're a pretty young group, with 3 out of 4 members being '00/'01 liners. The lineup's changed once since debut; former member Hyunseo was replaced with Hyeji, who's now the leader (and is a '96 liner, making her a sort of mama duck to the younger ducklings.) They have a YouTube channel with various behind-the-scenes content (sadly, none of it is subbed) and have appeared on Pops in Seoul twice.

Group Name: Favorite
Debut Date: July 2017
Label: Astory Entertainment
Members: Gaeul (PD101 S1), Saebom, Seoyeon, Sugyeong, Jeonghee, Ahra
With a beautiful MV and addictive tropical house sound like "Loca," it'd be easy to mistake Favorite for a well-established group. (Except for the nearly un-Googleable group name.) This is their third single, after the... energetically creepy? "Party Time" and the lesbian furry anthem "Where are You From?" So there's definitely a lot of variety in their concepts, if not much continuity. Their MVs are quite well-produced, too.
Their YouTube channel has a nice amount of content, including dance videos and several English-subbed behind-the-scenes clips, and they've appeared on Pops in Seoul with each of their releases. There's also a 360 VR video of them performing "Loca."

Group Name: Limesoda
Debut Date: July 2017
Label: D Maker Entertainment
Members: Hyerim, Seungji
Limesoda debuted in 2017 with "Z Z Z," a catchy tune about sleeping too much. The song and MV were incredibly well-produced and creative, making Limesoda look like an A-list girl group. Unfortunately, they seem to have lost a significant chunk of their budget, as their latest release "All Eyez on Me" is more of a generic dance-pop track with a generically dancey MV to match. Still, Limesoda show potential; their visuals, vocals, and energy are definitely a step above your average nugus.
Although they're a duo for now, they're apparently planning to add new members in the future. Here they are on Pops in Seoul, and here's their YouTube channel, with various song covers and short clips (most of which are unsubbed.) Both members are currently active in the gaming-idol project group Aqua; scroll down for more on them.

Group Name: Abry
Debut Date: November 2017
Label: withHC
Members: Gayun, Soeun, Seola, Yeji
Abry (pronounced like "Avery") have got to be the classiest group on this list. Their songs are low-key, mostly ballads that show off the members' impressive vocals, and they tend not to even appear much in their music videos (except for "Strike", a jazzy little dance-in-a-box video that brings to mind early Mamamoo). benihime99 did a lovely intro post for them here, so go check that out if you want to get to know them better. Their latest, "Over & Gone," is a soaring rock ballad that definitely sets Abry apart from the nugu crowd.

Group Name: Hey Girls
Debut Date: November 2017
Label: Moai Entertainment
Members: Jandi, Heesu, Siyeon, Daeun
A song like "Yoo-Hoo-Hoo" really deserves a better production budget and music video. If you close your eyes, it sounds exactly like one of Sistar's summer jams. The members, too, seem like they could do a lot better if they had the resources; they're talented and pretty. The group actually debuted as dance team "Black Queen" in 2012, under the same company and with a different lineup. They released a few EDM singles under that name, but they're pretty far removed from the group's current image and sound.
Their rebirth as Hey Girls came in 2017 with "NO (No One But You)," which they followed with "Follow Me" and "Nog-yeojwo." Each song fits in with the Sistar-esque "fun and sexy" concept, and they're all surprisingly good for their budget.
Despite leaving their roots as a dance group behind, they still do a lot of dance covers, which you can find on their YouTube channel along with some vocal covers. And, of course, they've been on Pops in Seoul - twice.

Group Name: Maywish
Debut Date: October 2018
Label: Jeinain Entertainment
Members: Anna, Hyoin, Jelly, Soeun
Maywish have gone with a very simple look and sound for their debut single "Hello." Simple outfits, simple city backdrop, simple light-hearted pop. There's something endearing about this style; it puts the focus on the members' individual charms. You can see more of those on their Pops in Seoul episode and their YouTube channel, which has dance videos and a few English-subbed clips. Anna in particular is charming; she looks like a mix of Nana and Doyeon to me.

Group Name: PinkFantasy
Debut Date: October 2018
Label: Mydoll Entertainment
Members: Aini (formerly of Kirots, Uniz), SeeA, Heesun, Yechan (formerly of Awe5omeBaby), Arang, Yubin (Idol School), Harin, Daewang
Okay... nugu groups can get pretty weird, but I don't even know where to start with this one. Daewang is a "hidden member," the one in the rabbit mask. Apparently she's a rabbit/human from the future? This group must have lore to put Loona to shame. Their debut song, "Iriwa," is like... sexy, but with random aegyo moments, and they're all wearing bunny costumes, but not like the Playboy kind. It's just bizarre. Oh, and the members' ages range from '91 to '05. That's a 13-year-old child... yeah.
The group got a bit of buzz since the song was produced by Super Junior's Shindong. Doesn't seem like a credit to either party. There was also a rumor that Daewang would unmask herself when the group achieved their first win and/or #1 on Billboard, but as far as I can tell, that was just a rumor. It's not even clear if it's the same person behind the mask every time.
They've been on Pops in Seoul and have uploaded quite a few (unsubbed) videos on their company's YouTube page. I want to support these weird girls and their bizarro Alice in Wonderland concept, but I can't get over the creepy rabbit mask, the sexy-aegyo concept and the 13-year-old maknae. Good luck, PinkFantasy!

Group Name: Dreamnote
Debut Date: November 2018
Label: iMe KOREA
Members: Sumin, Eunjo, Habin, Lara, Hanbyeol, Miso, Youi, Boni
Dreamnote's self-titled debut single is of the cute n' colorful variety. They remind me of Nature, with their 8 members, respectable production quality, and high energy. Although they only have one release so far, there's actually quite a bit of content for fans: they've appeared on After School Club, Pops in Seoul, and they even had an 8-episode predebut reality show that's as fun and polished as any established group's. It makes for a pretty interesting documentary about the process of debuting. Unfortunately, only the first two episodes seem to be English subbed, and it's unclear whether the remaining ones will be.

Group Name: Aqua
Debut Date: November 2018
Label: Krazy Ent & Actoz Soft
Members: Sua (PD101 S1, Oahsis), Haesol (PD48), Hyeonju (Oahsis), Seungji & Hyerim (Limesoda), Sihyun (PD101 S1)
Aqua are a project group with a "gaming idols" concept. I'm not sure what the gaming part of that entails; are they competing in e-sports as a team? Individually? Not sure about the "project" part either, as it's unclear how long the group is planning to stay together. The members have been assembled from existing groups Limesoda and Oahsis (f.k.a. Seeart; they've been stuck in the predebut dungeon since 2016) along with two other survival-show veterans.
Their debut song, "Log In," is a laid-back bubblegum pop tune that sounds kinda like Loona Odd Eye Circle's "Girl Front" (try playing it at 1.25 speed.) The video is little more than the members dancing on a few different sets, but it's cute. I like their pastel '80s-ish aesthetic.
Another interesting thing about the group: they're managed by former Bulldok members Sora and Hyungeun. Here they are on Pops in Seoul, and here's their YouTube channel, which has... zero videos so far. Subscribe, and maybe you'll get to see the first!

Which of these groups are you rooting for the most, Omonians?

Hey Girls

And now, some UPDATES on our previously covered girl groups...

BaBa's lineup has changed: Loha and Somi left, and new members Hanbom, Seyul, Soorim, and Jowha joined.
Holics were finally able to perform "Hey Leader" on a music show, five months after its release: Music Core on Feb. 2. Apparently this was a reward for member Yeonjung winning first place in ISAC's 60m sprint. They also did a Pops in Seoul self-intro.
NeonPunch's Terry left the group, and new member Dohee joined. They made a comeback in January with "TicToc." It has a similar aesthetic and catchy retro-dance-pop sound to their previous single.
Saturday's Chaewon left the group and new member Juyeon joined. They're about to make their first comeback.
Cherry on Top made a comeback with "May Be," a soft midtempo single that shows off their vocals.
Six Bomb released the shockingly un-shocking ballad "Your Neighborhood."
Berry Good released the upbeat dance-pop Christmas single "This Winter."
Tweety released two new "sports anthem" singles, "Run Run Run" and "Let's Go to Jeonbuk."
Nature added new member Loha (a former JYP trainee) and have since come back twice: "Some (You'll Be Mine)" and "Dream About U," the latter of which has already amassed 1M+ views!
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