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A sequel to "Winter Sonata"?

Is another "Winter Sonata" storm coming?

The sequel of "Winter Sonata" ― a melodrama series that enjoyed Asia-wide popularity in the 2000s ― is set to be filmed.

An outsourced production company official said shooting is about to begin but did not reveal cast members. Kim Yong-soo, who directed the famous horror series "Home of the Legends," is responsible for the work and Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee, who penned the original series, are reunited.

"We are discussing with the writers details for the shooting," the official said.

Original series director Yoon Suk-ho refused to participate in the project, citing the death of actor Park Yong-ha, who played a leading role in the first series. Park killed himself in 2010.

"Winter Sonata" aired in 2002 and is one of the most successful Korean dramas. It was exported to many countries, including the Middle East, and served as a catalyst for the Korean wave that has reached as far as Latin America.

The drama's success propelled its major cast members, including Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo, to instant stardom.

My momma will lose it if this is real lol. Like, I'm gonna have to tear her down off the walls...she still watches the dvds. I think I bought them at Borders all those years ago lol.

source: The Korea Times
Tags: drama

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