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Preview for "Legal High"

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Legal High” is about two extremely different lawyers: an arrogant, successful, and money-focused lawyer Go Tae Rim (played by Jin Goo) and a passionate, just, and driven lawyer Seo Jae In (played by Seo Eun Soo). The series is based on the 2012 Japanese drama of the same name.

Go Tae Rim is known to have a 100 percent success rate. After losing the case she was in charge of, Seo Jae In goes to Go Tae Rim for help with the appeal case. However, Go Tae Rim only agrees to take on the case for a fee of five billion won. Eventually, after pleading for help, she decides to offer Go Tae Rim payment in the form of a repayment contract consisting of 18 years of her lawyer life. Administrator and Go Tae Rim’s butler Goo Sae Joong (played by Lee Soon Jae) convinces Go Tae Rim to take on Seo Jae In.

An odd group of lawyers have gathered together to form the B&G law firm with the purpose of taking down Go Tae Rim no matter what. The members include successful lawyer Kang Ki Suk (played by Yoon Park), who was once Go Tae Rim’s disciple but is now his competitor. Another member of the firm is Min Joo Kyung (played by Chae Jung An) who is a brainy lawyer that says whatever she wants to her defendants and knows how to do a roundhouse kick. Finally, senior lawyer Yoon Sang Goo (played by Jung Sang Hoon) is a member who is willing to put his life on the line.

"Legal High" premieres Friday, February 8 on JTBC.

Sources: JTBC Drama | Soompi/Naver
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