12:03 am - 02/08/2019

Preview for "Trap"

Lee Seo Jin plays a former anchorman, and at the outset, it looks like he has the picture-perfect family, which all changes during one fateful family holiday. The teaser’s caption ominously reads, “A family disappeared,” as we see Lee Seo Jin being revived in an emergency room and tied up in a chair as he asks someone where his wife and son are. Police surround the scene of the family’s kidnapping and Sung Dong Il’s detective questions why the kidnapper let Lee Seo Jin go, as if he were “cornering a rabbit.”

The teaser tells us that Lee Seo Jin has “fallen into an elaborate hunt.” And that “hunt” sounds like a literal hunt, with people carrying rifles in the woods, presumably to hunt down Lee Seo Jin as he continues to search for his missing family. Im Hwa Young will be playing a criminal profiler, which should prove helpful in figuring out who Lee Seo Jin’s tormentor is.

"Trap" will premiere Saturday, February 9 on OCN.

Sources: ocn | Dramabeans/X Sports News

I was going to ignore this until I made this post and looked up more about it. The drama seems interesting and I like all three leads. Heads up, this drama is only 7 episodes, so perfect for low commitment viewing.
daynr 8th-Feb-2019 06:19 pm (UTC)
that synopsis sounds intense and scary, and that image of him just looks painful... watching a man be hunted and cornered like a rabbit, yikes.
daynr 9th-Feb-2019 04:50 am (UTC)
OP, I just stalked posts looking fure one of your.... I'm pretty sure you're the one who told me to watch 20th century boy and girl.

Are you watching romance is a bonus book? I want to discuss with someone, I may actually submit a post. I love our leading lady so far. Are you watching?
keytfelt 10th-Feb-2019 08:08 am (UTC)
Yep, I def recommended 20CBAG to you. I haven’t watched Roamnce is a Bonus Book yet but was planning on starting next week after I get back from a trip. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, that gives me more motivation to watch. I’ll let you know when I do!
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