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GOT7 Japan 3rd Mini Album "I WON'T LET YOU GO" Album Listening Post


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Can someone id which songs the members have worked on, I only know 25 is made by Jinyoung (and Cold is probably by Bambam just by the sound of it lol).

Also ??? @ the reggae remix, omg what were they thinking LMAO
yuujinchous 8th-Feb-2019 02:27 pm (UTC)
jb and youngjae definitely worked together on reborn, i saw some clips on twitter! idk if youngjae helped with the lyrics too or if that was just jb though :o jinyoung and yugyeom did 25 together and i think... i'm not sure but i think jinyoung worked on zero too? i'm pretty sure he wrote the lyrics for it because he was asked about the meaning of zero in an interview.

anyways i haven't listened to any of these songs yet aside from i won't let you go which i absolutely LOVE so i'll get back to this post later

zero kind of is a confusing song if you don't read the lyrics because they're like, something something ONE ZERO ZERO and it's like... what? lmfao but it's a pretty good song and definitely a sweet concept

reborn sounds like one of def's soundcloud songs! lmfao which i guess is not really a bad thing but you can totally tell he worked on that song. but also, why did they make youngjae sing all those high parts. i'm not sure if it really works in his favor mhmhmhmhmm idk

i guess iwlyg and 25 are the two best songs on this album! i saw someone say that this is got7's best japanese album though which i definitely do NOT agree with because the new era still exists!!!!

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petecarl 10th-Feb-2019 01:09 pm (UTC)
Wow, their style has come so far since their debut.
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