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Baek Yerin's tattoos receive attention + recording a new album with The Volunteers

Baek Yerin, who has been promoting as a solo artist since 2015, revealed on Instagram that The Volunteers - a band she is in, is recording songs for a new album.

On February 3rd the singer posted on her Instagram story:

"recording a b-side track for the new album"

She also answered fans' questions about The Volunteers' music not being available on Spotify / Apple Music:

Yerin's tattoos have also been receiving attention lately. A post titled "Baek Yerin's new tattoo" appeared on Pann on February 1st showing photos of her new and old tattoos:

Netizens commented:

1. It's so pretty, whether she does it or not, it's none of your businessㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. The way she dresses up with those tattoos look so good together

3. It suits her

4. Wow this is totally my taste, but she has too many... The one on her belly is pretty though

5. Every single one looks pretty on its own, but the one on her belly is my favorite

6. Can we stop nitpicking on tattoos? Is it on your body?

7. As long as she doesn't shows it to my face, it's so cringey

8. She has a lot of kinds of tattoos and they're all colorful too? I find them pretty?

9. It's pretty? Thanks to Baek Yerin, I want to get tattoos too

10. Too much

You can listen to The Volunteers' music on their official channel.

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