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Park Woo Jin x Lee Dae Hwi - Candle Live Clip

To celebrate Lee Dae Hwi’s birthday following the conclusion of their activities as Wanna One, the duo has released an R&B hip hop track called “Candle,” which talks about lighting a candle as you wait for your loved one in the cold winter. Lee Dae Hwi was in charge of composing, producing, and writing lyrics for the song, and Park Woo Jin also showcased his talents as a lyricist as he wrote his own rap verses.

During a V Live broadcast, the two had promised to film a performance of the song if they entered the top 100 charts on music streaming sites, which they succeeded in doing as the song continues to do well on the charts.

source: brandnew music, soompi, naver
Tags: music, wanna one

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