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Prosecution seeks one-year prison term for Shoo


Prosecutors sought a one-year jail term for Shoo, a former member of 1990s girl group S.E.S., on Thursday for alleged habitual gambling.

The hearing was held at the Seoul Eastern District Court.

"I deeply regret what I did, and I will do so in the future too," Shoo said during her final testimony. "I would meaningfully accept the punishment given to me ― I am sorry for evoking criticism."

Her legal representative said in a closing argument: "Shoo admits all her faults and has been reflecting on herself. Please consider that she has not been embroiled in any scandal since she kicked off her career in her teens and that she has been enthusiastically involved in community services."

After the hearing, she also apologized to Sea and Eugene, two other members of S.E.S.

Shoo allegedly got involved in gambling from August 2016 to May 2018 in countries including Macau, betting about 790 million won ($617,000). She was indicted without detention over the allegation in December 2018.

The last hearing is scheduled for Feb. 18.

Shoo, whose real name is Yoo Soo-young, debuted as a member of female trio S.E.S. in 1997 and enjoyed popularity until the team's disbandment in 2002. She married basketball player Im Hyo-sung in 2010 and they have three children.

source: The Korea Times
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