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Preview for "Haechi"

“Haechi” will follow the friendships and love story of Prince Yeoning, a prince who cannot become the king. Scriptwriter Kim Yi Young, who is known for writing popular historical dramas such as “Yi San,” “Dong Yi,” and “King’s Doctor,” penned the historical drama. She is joined by director Lee Yong Suk who received recognition for directing “Iljimae” and “The Village Achiara’s Secret.”

Jung Il Woo takes on the role of the problematic Prince Yeoning. Because he was born from a common woman, he is not welcomed anywhere despite being born a genius with a brilliant mind and sharp sense of judgement. Go Ara will play the role of Yeo Ji, a female inspector who fights against justice and exudes much charisma. She works for the government despite being discriminated against because of her gender. Later, she joins forces with Prince Yeoning to straighten out the corrupted government of Joseon.

Kwon Yool plays Park Moon Soo, a scholar who has failed his examinations multiple times. He is set to be a kingmaker in the drama, always staying by Prince Yeoning’s side and doing his best to get him on the throne. Park Hoon will star as Dal Moon, a court entertainer who is also the leader of a gang. Lee Kyung Young will play the villain Min Jin Won. Having power means everything to him. While looking for someone who will act as his marionette, he comes across Prince Yeoning and decides to make him the king. Jung Moon Sung will take on the role of Prince Yi Tan, the original puppet of Min Jin Won. However, when Prince Yeoning comes in unexpectedly and interrupts his plans, Yi Tan loses his mind and commits a murder.

"Haechi" premieres Monday, February 11 on SBS.

Sources: Viu Singapore | Soompi/Naver
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