8:24 pm - 02/10/2019

9Muses, Final Song and Disbandement

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aeries_amethyst 11th-Feb-2019 04:37 am (UTC)
i'm so bummed but i can't say that i'm surprised. this has been a looooonnnnnngggggggg time coming. they actually should have disbanded earlier but maybe they were waiting out their contracts sincce they never added any more new members. i'm forever pressed that after all these years, they never won any awards or had a top hit song. they've switched things up with their sounds and concepts. these girls deserved so much better. they've done some concepts that i could only dream of soshi doing (like dolls, news and glue - like seriously, dolls would be the PERFECT concept for soshi *O*). i'm glad that the girls are all still friends and keep in touch. it would be lovely if we could get a reunion with all the former members as well for the final fanmeet but i highly doubt that will happen. i wish them all the best of luck in the future! T_T
kenziekinz09 12th-Feb-2019 07:14 pm (UTC)
Hella late but soshi’s first album (and the gg MV) had a doll concept.
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