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Preview for "The Light in Your Eyes"

“The Light in Your Eyes” tells the story of a woman who lost time before she got to use it all and a man who lives his brightest days by doing nothing and wasting them away. It will be a fantasy drama that follows the lives of two people who live in the same time but also live in completely different times. PD Kim Seok Yoon and screenwriters Lee Nam Kyu and Kim Soo Jin are working together again, with their previous collaborations including productions like “Awl,” “My Wife is Having an Affair This Week,” “Old Miss Diary” and the “Detective K” film series.

Kim Hye Ja and Han Ji Min will both be playing the role of Kim Hye Ja, a woman who finds herself with the ability to travel through time. The character is an extremely positive and loyal person who hopes to become a news anchor and can’t stand by when she sees injustice taking place. Despite having the power to manipulate time, she finds herself caught in a complicated situation no matter what she does.

Nam Joo Hyuk will take on the role of Lee Joon Ha, who wishes to become a reporter. His character has been so focused on running full-steam ahead towards his dream job that he has become someone who is throwing away the best days of his life and living a lethargic life. Son Ho Jun will play Kim Hye Ja’s older brother Kim Young Soo, who isn’t bogged down by time and is full of mischief. He works as a content creator and is expected to bring big laughs with his character.

"The Light in Your Eyes", also known as "Radiant" and "Dazzling", premieres on Monday, February 11 on JTBC.

Sources: Viu Singapore | Soompi/Naver
chimpansee 11th-Feb-2019 01:37 pm (UTC)
I loved Nam Joo Hyuk in Weightlifting Fairy and I'd push through any drama to stare at his pretty face. I haven't seen any of the previous dramas of the screenwriters though so idk how it'll be. Kim Hye Ja sounds like every drama character, hopefully she'll be more interesting than her description gives away.

Also OP I need KHN to come out of the army already and star in a romantic comedy himself! itsbeen84years.gif

edit: damn I didn't realize HJM is so much older than NJH. I'm here for noona romances being a thing.

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