3:16 am - 02/12/2019

PENTAGON Jinho on King Of Masked Singers

Round 1 - Peppermint Candy

Round 2 - TOMBOY

The Big Reveal

SOURCE: MBCEntertainment

Finally! Jinho on King of Masked Singers! I feel so proud, so happy to see him on this show and the comments from the panel were really great. When his face was revealed, he was introduced as a member of self-producing idol group that composed one of the trending songs of 2018 which received more that 100 million views, included videos of him during his SM The Ballad days, his musical posters, and Magazine Ho. As he took off his mask, Jinho and Pentagon trended in Korea (just like when Hui was there). I hope this really starts to get them more recognition!
veep_throat 12th-Feb-2019 08:12 pm (UTC)

Two great vocalists!

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