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SNSD recently wrapped up MV filming for January comeback?

At least that's what the latest in the kpop rumor mill is indicating! Although nothing has been confirmed by official sources, word on the (cyber) street has it that SNSD will be making their big comeback at the end of this month with their third mini-album.

The rumors started back in December when G Market announced an upcoming sale of DBSK & SNSD Star Collection Cards. On the homepage of the website, there was also a notice that caught many fans' attention:

"Customers who purchase the card collection will have a chance to be one in fifteen people to meet SNSD.
30 customers will receive an autographed mini-album set to be released in January 2010 and DBSK's unseen commercial pictorial."

Although it's a bit ambiguous whether "mini-album" refers to SNSD or TVXQ, TVXQ's current lawsuit controversy definitely implies that the five-man quintet isn't planning to make a comeback so soon. Most people have taken this message to mean that SNSD will be coming out with a brand new mini-album this month.

At SNSD's first Asia Tour concert last month, the girls also performed Show Me or Show Show Show, a mystery song that many believe will be their upcoming track:

Furthermore, many speculate that the music video was already filmed two days ago on January 2, fresh after the gayo daejun events, and that the mini-album is slated for a release in two or three weeks on January 23 or January 30. Supposedly, the girls have been working on this album since 2008, so it should hold a lot of promise.

Others believe that the mini-album will be released in February when the girls are rumored to have an encore concert, but since SM Entertainment has yet to confirm anything, we won't know for sure for a while.

Until we get any confirmation, what kind of concept do you think SNSD should come back with? Personally, the Genie concept was one of my favorites period, so I don't know how they're going to top that!

Source: Acrofan, bossa747

Source: Allkpop
Video Source: KoreanMusicVids
Tags: girls generation, rumour
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