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JYP "This Small Hand" MV

Singer-producer Park Jin-young released an album and music video to express his mixed emotions of the joy of having a baby girl and sadness for his father fighting Alzheimer's disease.

On Saturday he released the lyrics of the song "This Small Hand" to commemorate his baby girl who was born Jan. 25. He also unveiled a music video for the song, which was also dedicated to his ailing father. The music video features vintage photos of Park and his father, Park's childhood and the singer holding his newborn baby.

The new song was previewed early as his wife was expecting their baby in January.

"My voice is gone since I couldn't sleep yesterday but I wanted to give her a special present," he said through Instagram. "Hope to share this with all the parents and children of the world."

Through the song, Park expressed his love for his daughter in a tender lullaby.

The lyrics encourage her to dream and run as much as she wants, since he will always be there if she needs him. He also tells her that whenever she needs a place to return to, he will always be there for her, no matter what.

The song's lyrics state, "I know one day you'll let go of his hand and fly away. But if the world ever makes you fall, never forget you have a place to come back to."

Park said while he recorded the song he burst into tears because he realized all the things he wrote for his baby were given to him by his parents.

On Saturday, following the preview last month, he officially released the full version of "This Small Hand," along with the video dedicated to his father.

Through the video, he addresses his touching thoughts and expresses his gratitude to his parents, especially his father who is suffering from Alzheimer's.

In the beginning of the song, he says how much he appreciates his father. In an accompanying letter he wrote, "While recording the song, I burst into tears because I realized all the things I wrote for my baby were given to me by my parents. I called my mom and thanked her but I couldn't with my dad because he's in the late stages of Alzheimer's disease and can't recognize me anymore."

Then he describes a special moment he and his father shared recently, and dedicates the music video to his father.

At the end of the video, he said the proceeds will go towards the Green Umbrella Foundation, an organization that helps children who were born in difficult situations.

Park Jin-young, better known by the initials JYP, is a Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and record executive. In 1994, Park rose to stardom as a singer following the release of his debut album, "Blue City." In 1997, he became the founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, one of the most profitable entertainment agencies here. Park has developed and managed highly successful K-pop acts including Rain, Wonder Girls, Got7 and Twice.

source: jypentertainment & The Korea Herald
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